Expanding Markets


Moving West

Expanding Markets and Moving West

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Allison Bruning


During the mid-19th century, inventions and improvements changed the way Americans lived and worked. Choose one of the inventions or technological improvements mentioned in this course and create an advertisement that would make it attractive to people of the era. Use these guidelines to help you prepare your ad.

1) Identify the audience that your advertisement would target. 

2) Think about the qualities of the invention or improvement that what you want to emphasize. 

3) Come up with a catchy slogan to reach your audience.

You will present your advertisement to the class in the last session. 




13 - 18  years old




Session 1: The Market Revolution


Students will identify specialization, market revolution, capitalism, entrepreneur, Samuel F. B. Morse, telegraph, John Deere and Cyrus McCormick. 

Students will be introduced to their course project.

Students will examine how Charles Goodyear took a big risk to become an entrepreneur. 

Students will describe the impact of the market revolution on potential customers. 

Students will examine Samuel F. B. Morse's life as an inventor.

Students will analyze the technological evolution from telegraph to internet.

Students will explain how new products, communication methods, and modes of transportation helped the U.S. economy to grow.

Students will analyze Britain's cotton imports.

Students will describe how the transportation revolution bound US regions to one another and to the rest of the world. 

Students will explain why the reaper and the steel plow were important.


1) Complete Section 1 Assessment on page 259.

2) Read pages 260 - 267 in course textbook.

3) Answer the Interact with History questions on page 257.

4) Start your course project. 

Session 2: Manifest Destiny


Students will review their homework.

Students will identify manifest destiny, Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, Mormons, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Fifty-Four Forty or Fight.

Students will summarize the reasons why people went west. 

Students will explain the concept of manifest destiny.

Students will summarize the causes of U.S. westward expansion. 

Students will analyze the impact of U.S. government policies towards Native Americans at this time.

Students will explain why the Mormons moved farther west in their search for a home.

Students will describe what life was like on the Oregon Trail.

Students will answer the question and justify it with historical information.  

1)Do you think President Polk supported manifest destiny?


1) Complete Section 2 Assessment on page 265.

2) Read pages 268 - 272 in course textbook.

3) Answer the Interact with History questions on page 267.

4) Continue working on your course project. 

Session 3: Expansion in Texas


Students will review their homework.

Students will identify Stephen F. Austin, land grant, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Texas Revolution, Alamo, Sam Houston, Republic of Texas and annex.

Students will describe how relations between Mexicans and Native Americans in the Southwest changed after 1821.

Students will analyze the evolution of the Tex-Mex culture.

Students will describe what Mexico hoped to gain from American settlement in Texas.

Students will summarize some of the cultural conflicts caused by the influx of white settlers into Texas.

Students will compare the reasons for the Texas Revolution with the reasons for the American Revolution.

Students will contrast Santa Anna and Sam Houston.

Students will contrast the differences between the Northern and Southern positions of the annexations of Texas.


1) Complete Section 3 Assessment on page 239.

2) Read pages 273 - 277 in course textbook.

3) Continue working on your course project. You will present your project in the next session. 

Session 4: The War with Mexico


Students will review their homework and present their projects.

Students will identify James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor, Stephen Kearny, Bear Flag Republic, Winfield Scott, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Gadsden Purchase, forty-niners, and gold rush.

Students will describe how the issue of slavery affected the debate over the war with Mexico.

Students will describe how President Polk provoked Mexico to attack U.S. forces.

Students will explain the importance of Los Ninos Heroes.

Students will analyze the importance of Blue Jeans in American history.

Students will summarize the importance of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase.

Students will describe the common dream people who sought gold in California shared with those who settled in Oregon.