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$40 per session



Academic Warriors provides tutoring for students around the world in all subject areas in an online session with a live teacher. All classes are personalized to the student's learning style to help them achieve success. Tutoring session are scheduled with the parents to fit the student's schedule.  


Registered students will receive an introductory email with the Zoom link, time, date and Classcraft codes prior to the first tutoring session. Newly registered students will need to set up their Classcraft account before the first tutoring session.


How To Enroll 

Step 1 - Register your student(s) with Academic Warriors. Please skip to step 2 if you have already registered your student.

Step 2 - Enroll your student in the course(s) of your choosing. Academic Warriors will contact you concerning your enrollment.

Step 3 - Pay the PayPal invoice sent to you by our company. 

Step 4 - Print off course material and have any supplies ready that the student may require. 


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