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The United States in Today's World

$160 per month

1 session per week


Allison Bruning


You are a high school senior that has been active in community service. You have been chosen from among thousands of students nationwide to address an international youth symposium on global issues and reforms. As a U. S. delegate to the event, you address the crowd, confident that young people will be able to change the future. 

Consider the following questions:

  • What makes nations increasingly dependent upon one another?

  • How does technology affect society worldwide?

  • What are the ways to foster cooperation among nations?

The student will be required to present their findings in the last class session.





13 - 18  years old



Session 1: The 1990s and the New Millennium


Students will identify William Jefferson Clinton, H. Ross Perot, Hillary Rodham Clinton, NAFTA, Newt Gingrich, Contract with America, Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. 

Students will summarize all major actions President Clinton made in his two terms of office.

Students will analyze the factors that accounted for Bush's decline in popularity.

Students will examine the lives and contributions of William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush. 

Students will analyze the factors that led to the defeat of Clinton's health care plan. 

Students will summarize the acts of terrorism that targeted Americans in the decade preceding 2001.

Students will explain why the United States sent troops to Yugoslavia and Kosovo. 

Students will summarize some of the provision of the Contract with America. 

Students will analyze the factors that contributed the most to Clinton's reelection.

Students will explain how the election of 200 highlighted both the weaknesses and strengths of America's election process. 

Students will evaluate how the American people responded to Bush's anti-terrorist measures.


1) Complete Section 1 Assessment on page 868.

2) Read pages 869 - 875 in course textbook.

3) Complete Geography Skillbuilder on page 872 and  #1 in the Thinking Critically box page 875.

4) Start your course project. 

Session 2: The New Global Economy


Students will review their homework, present their Geography Skillbuilder and Thinking Critically answers.

Students will identify service sector, downsize, Bill gates, NASDAQ, dotcom, and General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

Students will examine the influence Alan Greenspan had upon American economy from 1987 - 2006.

Students will summarize how the change from an industrial economy to a service economy affected American economic security. 

Students will analyze how downsizing affected people. 

Students will identify some of the effects of NAFTA and GATT. 

Students will analyze the importance of women's literature from 1978 - 2000.


1) Complete Section 2 Assessment on page 873.

2) Read pages 876 - 881 in course textbook.

3) Complete Political Cartoon Skillbuilder on page 877.

4) Continue working on your course project. 

Session 3: Technology and Modern Life


Students will review their homework and present their skillbuilder answers.

Students will identify information superhighway, Internet, telecommute, Telecommunications Act of 1996, and genetic engineering.

Students will summarize the technological changes that are discussed in this session.

Students will explain the revolutionary nature of communicating via the Internet. 

Students will analyze how the Telecommunications Act of 1996 affected consumers.

Students will summarize how technology has affected healthcare.


1) Complete Section 3 Assessment on page 881.

2) Read pages 882 - 889 in course textbook.

3) Complete the following Skillbuilders:

History Through Architecture Skillbuilder on page 883, 

Interpreting Charts Skillbuilder on page 884

and Geography Skillbuilder on page 885, and 

4) Complete Thinking Critically on page 889.

5) Continue working on your course project. You will present your project in the next session.

Session 4: The Changing Face of America


Students will review their homework, present their skillbuilders, Thinking Critically answers and their project. 

Students will identify urban flight, gentrifiation and Proposition 187.

Students will summarize the demographic changes in the United States. 

Students will analyze the factors that influenced middle class residents to leave cities for suburbs. 

Students will predict the factors that will force an eventual restructuring of Social Security. 

Students will compare how current arguments against immigration are similar to those used in the past. 

Students will examine the immigration and migration trends within the United States from the 1840s to present. 

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