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South Asia

$160 per month

1 session per week


Allison Bruning 



All homework assignments will be given through Classcraft.





13 - 16 years old



Session 1: Road To Independence


Students will define nationalism, nonviolent resistance, boycott and partition

Students will describe the role Mohandas Gandhi played in India's move from a British colony to an independent nation.

Students will explain how religious conflict contribute to independence for Pakistan and Bangladesh.


In the United States, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., studied the writings of Mohandas Ghandi and encouraged nonviolent resistance in the civil rights movement. Gather more evidence about both leaders, their philosophies, and their campaigns. In a class discussion, share and explain at least one similarity. 

Session 2: India's People and Economy


Students will define reincarnation, caste system, charpoy, purdah, joint family system and cottage industry. 

Students will discuss their findings with the class. 

Students will describe how religion shapes the lives of most people in India.

Students will compare and contrast how village life in India has remained essentially the same for generations, and in what ways it has changed in recent years. 

Students will explain how urbanization has changed the character of India. 

Students will describe how India's government has been attempting to raise the country's standard of living.


What aspects of India's culture interest you the most? Use the internet to find out more about that cultural interest. Then, create an attractive, fact - filled poster to interest your classmates in that aspect of India's culture. Be ready to share your poster with the class in the next session. 

Session 3: Central America and the Caribbean


Students will define hydroelectric power, irrigate, embarkment dam, buffer state, malnutrition and deforestation. 

Students will share their posters with the class. 

Students will explain how the availability of water influences the lives of people in Pakistan.

Students will describe how political and cultural issues have affected Afghanistan. 

Students will identify the on going difficulties that challenge the people and government in Bangladesh. 

Students will explain how the cultures and landscapes of Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka are distinct. 

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