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Societies and Empires of Africa

(800 - 1500 A.D.)

Societies and Empires of Africa

$160 per month

1 session per week


Allison Bruning




12 - 18  years old




Session 1: North and Central African Societies


Students will identify lineage, stateless societies, patrilineal, matrilineal, Maghrib, Almoravids, ad Almohads.

Students will explain how trade benefits both sides. 

Students will examine how to negotiate conflict in stateless societies.

Students will examine the African geographical locations of hunter-gather, stateless and Muslim societies. 

Students will describe the advantages an age set system might have on a society. 

Students will summarize the main effect of Almohad rule on the Maghrib.


1) Complete Section 1 Assessment and Connect to Today on page 412.

2) Read pages 413 - 421 in course textbook.

3) Complete the History Through Art Connect to Today questions on page 421.

Session 2: West African Civilizations


Students will review their homework.

Students will identify Ghana, Mali, Sundiata, Mansa Musa, Ibn Battuta, Songhai, Hausa, Yoruba and Benin. 

Students will compare the geographical regions of Ghana, Mali and Songhai.

Students will summarize the lives and historical contributions of Sundiata,  Mansa Musa and Queen Amina. 

Students will analyze why the disruption of trade would destroy Ghana's power.

Students will summarize the spread and cultural influence of Islam in West African civilizations. 

Students will analyze why people who had been conquered by Mali want to break away.

Students will analyze why  the Hausa did not develop an empire.

Students will analyze Benin sculpture.


1) Complete Section 2 Assessment and Connect to Today on page 419.

2) Read pages 422 - 427 in course textbook.

Session 3: Eastern City-States and Southern Empires


Students will review their homework.

Students will identify Swahili, Great Zimbabwe and Mutapa.

Students will analyze how geography impacted East African Trade routes.

Students will summarize the two main reasons Kilwa became so wealthy.

Students will describe how Islam influenced political order in East Africa.

Students will summarize how extensive was the trade in enslaved persons from East Africa before 1700.

Students will examine Great Zimbabwe's historical importance to East Africa.

Students will analyze the global impact of Swahili.

Students will infer why they think the Portuguese wanted to conquer the Mutapa Empire.  

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