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Why You Should Own a Dog by Dylan Murrell (Age: 15)

Why should you own a dog? Everyone wants a pet growing up and lots of people want a dog or cat but, I believe you should have a dog over a cat. I personally have always loved dogs and I feel like dogs connect better to people. Dogs are more understanding than a cat and they care for us more than cats do. A dog is a great companion for kids and adults alike.

Dogs are great companions. They want to be around people because they love attention. They want to be called good boy and get lots of belly rubs. In all my interactions with dogs they have been very friendly but my few interactions with cats have been very hostile mostly ending with the cat biting me of scratching me.

Dogs are very comforting animals. A dog will comfort you if you are sad and he will be with you until you are happy. If a dog hears its owner cry the dog will get past lots of obstacles to get to its human.

Dogs are very active and want to be outside. People also need to go outside for exercise and vitamin D. When a dog goes outside it wants to do so because it needs to get its energy out somehow.

Of course some people do not want dogs and it is very understandable why dogs are not the optimal pet for lots of people.Dogs can shed lots of hair. They will leave hair on everything ,but other animals can be just as bad with shedding their hair.

Dogs are very energetic. Lots of the time if they don’t get their energy out then they can start tearing up shoes and other objects to get the energy out. If you have ever had a shoe or curtain ripped up then just take the dog out for a walk and play with them more.

Dogs will run away a lot. There is always the possibility of the dog getting out of the house or yard and running away at whatever chance they get. Then you have to spend your day looking for them. My old dog would always get out because my dad would leave the shop door open and he could escape.

In conclusion, I do believe that dogs are the best pet if you are a very energetic or outdoor person so the dogs can run free with you. But dogs are very friendly and comforting animals for people who are anxious and or shy.

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