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Why We Should Use Electric Cars by Conor Staggs (Age: 15)

We all love our planet earth and care deeply for its healthy. But, there's something very bad happening and it might be because of cars, airplanes, and tanker boats. This is due to gases and oils from cars and other vehicles that then produce these hot gases in the air which leads to heating the air. Now, scientists are trying to find a way to save are future with the electric engine vehicles.

These vehicles aren't like most of your gas running vehicles. These vehicles run on an electric charger which you can install in your drive way. So, if it runs low you can just charge it. No gas required at all meaning no chemicals are released into the atmosphere and clean air is all we have. Now, these cars go faster more than normal up to 60 mph. As normal cars go up to 50 mph and that's 10 times slower then the fast, pride, and awesome electric vehicles.

Money is used to buy anything you want as long as you're working for it. But, cars cost too little money like up to $6,712. That's too much but electric vehicles. They're too much money up to $80,000 or $30,000. But, you get to have some money when you buy your new electric car. Now, that's one price you can't refuse.

Driving can be really stressful to many people. But, electric cars have an amazing feature were it has a camera behind it to detected danger and can drive on its own sometimes. Which that's cool. Now, with that you can also play your favorite songs on Bluetooth which is hooked up to your car and is a nice feature to listen to music. Here is the car of the future folks.

As a person who wants a clean planet. These cars I believe can fix this mess that we're in because of our society. Electric cars are the future to transport us to new destinations the future. With this in mind will you continue down this dark path or change our gassy ways. In the words of Michael Jackson "If you want to make the world a better place look at yourself and make a change."

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