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Why Do Cows Yell Moo? by Malek Rashad (Age:10)

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Moe. Moe loved his cat, he named it Been. Been loved Moe. Moe also loved his parents; his parents took care of cattle to provide food for the family. Moe also loved the cattle, he named them Cow, which was his cats name before he adopted her. One day Moe was with his friends, Jack and Parteev. But then, Moe got on the monkey bars, fell, and scratched his knees so hard that they were bleeding! Been yelled out “Cow!” and then the Cows came. The cows yelled “Moe!” and that got his parents. Still to this day, the Cows yell “Moo!” in memory of Moe.

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