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Welcome to the Winter Woods News By: Meghan Brathwaite (Age: 11)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Today we have someone who was stealing bodies from a graveyard. We actually have one of the experiments here to talk to us about what his “master” has been doing. A week a ago, there was a report about graves being dug up and body parts missing from them. Last night, a black hooded figure was reported at woods graveyard. Police was able to tackle the suspect to find a person with gray skin and stitches all over his body. With some questioning we learned that he is an experiment and his name is Jay. Let’s all welcome Jay.

*Jay walks on stage*.

Jay-“H..Hello name is Jay. My master used to dig up body parts in the graveyard to find parts for me to survive. He made me because he lost his son and wanted a son.

Reporter - How did you feel about his experiments?

Jay - Feel? What is feel?

Strange Voice - Don’t listen to him!

Reporter - Who was that?

Jay - My friend, Ray.

Reporter - Ray?

*Ray walks out of Jay's chest*

Reporter - He is a parrot.

Ray - No duh… I am an experiment, too.

Reporter- Ok. So, um, what can you tell me about your master?

Jay - What did you do with you hands?

Reporter- What?

Jay - *Does air quotes motion*

Reporter - *Sigh* We well be back after break.

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