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Victor Frankenstein Found As the Body Snatcher by Conor Staggs (Age: 14)

A few nights ago in the darkest of nights scientist Victor Frankenstein was arrested at Black Bars Cemetery for stealing the lungs of a dead man. Dr. Jekyll saw it and was incredibly horrified at the sight of the scientist cutting the dead body apart. “My vacation wasn’t going well at first. Then, after almost perfect nightly walk this cruel man goes to cemetery to steal a man's lungs is just sickening.” said the good doctor told to the police.

Victor was then arrested hours after he was seen doing the crime. He was then interrogated and asked why. But, didn't speak a word. Police investigated Victor’s lab and see what he’s hidden secret he hid from everyone he’s ever loved. Then, when Victor was asked why he did this was his reply “To make the dead no more”.

The court case started just yesterday with the court finding him guilty.

Victor was hung by a rope for his punishment. His last words at his execution were, “He will murder you all for this!!! He maybe not done but he will kill you!!! For I'm god now and he's, my creation!!!”.

Now, our detectives wonder oh so carefully. Who is the gentleman Victor speaking of and where is he?

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