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The Tale of Moral the Immortal Man By Conor Staggs (Age: 15)

Once in a Greek city, there lived a man strong enough to lift a golden ox. His name is Moral. His love for his family fueled him with strength, where he challenged his powers from the gods everyday. One day as he was stretching his calves, a man walk through the crowd. As the man walked up to him he said. "I am Hercules, Son of Zeus. I challenge you to a battle of strength."

Moral accepted this challenge and with that the two were given one hundred piece of solid gold. To whomever lifts it with no twitch, wins. As they look angerly at each other, at the same time they lifted the gold as high as they could. Moral and Hercules were both standing with no problem. Until, sweat dripped from Moral's face landing in his eye. He then dropped the gold and Hercules became the winner. Angered by this, Moral accused Hercules for cheating, because he was a God's son. The town people then chased him out of the town, believing Moral's telling to be true.

As he walked in the stormy night, he begged his father to punish Moral for his lies and make him pay. As promised, Zeus brought the powers of all the Gods to Moral to make him pay for his lies. As the years go by, Moral realizes he's not aging a bit. As his wife is old and weak and his children become adults. Moral cries for he did wrong of accusing Hercules of cheating. As time goes by he sees his family die and new members be born. Some say he still remains in the form of a man in all black with a short black beard waiting in the days that he may go soon to see his wife and kids again.

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