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The Sykes Monkey From Nairobi, Kenya By Malek Rashad (Age: 9)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

The Sykes Monkey is an Old World monkey found in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. It’s also known as the Samango Monkey and the White Throated Monkey.They are considered endangered because they only give birth to one monkey at a time. The Sykes Monkeys have a strict diet of fruits, insects, leaves and plants. They are very interesting animals to learn about.

The Sykes Monkeys are black with white hair around their neck. They have black feet and hands. The monkeys’ stomach area are white. Their eyes are big, red and gold. According to the Kruger National Park, “The tail of the monkey is a third larger than the monkey itself!”( The Sykes monkey has a unique look.

The Sykes monkeys live in the forests of Nairobi, Kenya. They live in small groups of four or five, sometimes you’ll see them in groups of thirty, maximum

(Monkey Land, The monkeys only give birth to young, one at a time. They are endangered in Nairobi, Kenya because the city is rapidly growing and taking up more of the monkeys’ habitat. The monkeys have had to adapt to their changing habitats.

The Sykes Monkeys have a diet of fruits, insects, and leaves. The male eat more

fruits than the females would do (Kruger National Park, All of the monkeys begin their day by eating fruits. They add insects and plants to their meals later in the day. The Sykes Monkey diet is healthy and should keep them in good shape.

The Sykes Monkey from Nairobi, Kenya is an Old World monkey that is endangered. The most distinguishing part of the monkey is its long tail. The monkeys live in small groups, and sometimes you can find them in bigger groups up to thirty. The monkeys’ diet consists of fruits, insects, and plants. The Sykes monkeys are a very interesting species of monkeys.

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