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The Story of Dionysus the God of Wine and Celebration by Conor Staggs (Age: 15)

Celebrating a party or drinking wine to relieve stress? Did you ever wonder why? Well, I'm here to tell the tale and life of Dionysus the God of Wine and Celebration. Dionysus was born after being attached to Zeus for a few days on Mount Pramnos on Ikaria. On the island he became a fully grown baby and was named the God of Wine. Dionysus' name stands for "born twice" which is how he was born.

When Dionysus was fully grown he gained a love of wine, orchards, and other wine like drinks that he enjoyed. He would even throw parties everyday and get so drunk he never stopped. Later down the line, he would be worshipped by the Greeks and given a festival called "Anthesteria Festival."

Dionysus fell in love with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, and they have a son named, Priapus, who would later be named The God of Garden Fertility. Dionysus had another wife, Nyx, The Goddess of the Night. They had a son named, Phthonus. His third wife's name was Ariadne , the Princess of Crete, and they had several children. The most famous of their children being Priaus, Phthonus and Deinira. Dionysus is one of the most legendary Greek gods and his stories will live on forever.

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