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The Safari Trip by Malek Rashad (Age: 9)

Last week, my mom and I went on a really long trip from (I hope you are prepared) USA to Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia, to Cairo to Alexandria to Cairo, back to Alexandria then to Sharm-El-Sheikh back to Alexandria and then to Cairo. That was the Egypt section. Now, the Kenya section. Nairobi to Masai-Mara and then back to Nairobi to Jeddah in Saudi-Arabia, Cairo to Riyadh, again Saudi-Arabia, and then, finally, back to the United States of America. In this article, I want to just focus on the safari we had in Kenya.

So, my mom and I went on a safari in Kenya! It was a really cool safari. We

started off at the main hotel we were staying at in Nairobi. After spending a day there, we got picked up and brought into the giant truck we were going to be in. Then we started the seven-hour journey to the Masai-Mara. On the way there we saw monkeys, cows, and sheep. Our tour guide gave us a tour although we weren’t even at our destination. Maybe that is something normal? I don’t know.

Again, it was a seven-hour trip.

I fell asleep for what I believe was about two hours. I’m not sure, though. It wasn’t very long because I was in a very uncomfortable position while I was at it. We hit two or three rest stops just to get a Coke and go to the bathroom. When we arrived, it was more different then I expected.

You know, I didn’t think that we were staying in a Hilton or Marriott, all fancy like that, but I didn’t expect staying in a tent. As you can see from my reaction to it, we have never done that before. But when you looked on the inside, it really wasn’t bad at all. It was just very simple. You had a little area to put your bags, two decently sized beds for the occasion, and two mosquito nets. Plus, a little desk. If you walked down a little more there is the tiny restaurant where you would have all your meals. Walk down a little more and there are the trucks and cars in the parking lot.

After we settled down at our tent, we headed to our truck to start our expedition. We saw all these crazy animals like giraffes, a leopard, zebras, buffalo, rhinos, ostriches, lions, and eventually we saw a lion on a hunt to catch one of the warthogs in front of her. She had to be extremely patient. We waited about 5-10 minutes. Then she struck. She was running so fast, chasing them. But unfortunately, she didn’t get any. We continued on and saw so many other animals but I can’t quite remember all of their names. Just to let you know, I’m not a zoologist. This was all day two and day three. I didn’t continue on day one, just because not much happened. It was just a lions tail and some antelope. Not too interesting though.

On the last day, we had to drop off two of the people off. Then we had dropped three guys from Hong Kong off. Then we went to our hotel with our friend we just met, Marcell. Marcell is from Switzerland. Completely unlike his sister. He loves traveling. He was on the same safari and the same hotel as us! Now that’s what you call a really strong coincidence. On the last day for him, before he went to Tanzania. We had a Valentines dinner with him. When they gave us the check, the lady only gave us one. So the lady and my mom went back and fourth on how Marcell and my mom were not a couple, while me and Marcell were talking about Switzerland. We headed back to our room and said bye to him.

The next day, me and my mom said goodbye to Kenya and said hello to our good

old friend, the USA. We took a flight to Cairo too pick up the rest of our luggage that we didn’t bring to Kenya and then headed to the airport. When we arrived we said goodbye too my mom’s aunt and her husband because that was who was keeping the luggage for us. Afterwards, we took off to Saudi-Arabia, and then back to the USA, where my mom and I are currently located right now.

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