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The Panda of Camp Verde by: Ava Szogyenyi (Age: 8)

I was so excited to go on a camping trip in Camp Verde. When we got there my mom decided to explore. As we were exploring, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing right next to us was a panda! “What in the world?” I exclaimed enthusiastically. What was a panda doing here all the way in Arizona?” I thought. The panda didn’t belong here. It belonged in China. A panda could never survive here. After all, there was no bamboo here. I asked my mom worriedly, “What are we going to do for this poor thing? Perhaps we should call an animal rescue.” Saying this, my mom didn’t hesitate for a second. She called right away.

“What seems to be the problem?” asked a sweet voice.

“ We saw a panda,” explained my mom.

“ What, you saw a panda, we’ll be there right away!”

We were so glad to see a lady and a man coming our way to save the panda. A couple of days later, we were so happy to find out that the panda was back in China. I am glad to have saved a panda’s life.

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