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The Jewish Sabbath By Dylan Murrell (Age: 15)

Judaism is a religion that is represented by candles, bread, wine and traditional laws. The Jewish people have a traditional weekly worship from Fridays sunset to Saturday sunset where they refrain from all physical activities and just relax and prey. The Sabbath is a Jewish holiday that uses candles, bread, wine, and traditional laws to celebrate this weekly worship time.

Candles are used during the Sabbath to make sure people aren’t in the dark. The Jews have to light the candles before the Sabbath because it is a physical activity and they are not allowed to do physical activities during the Sabbath.

Jewish families use bread to represent manna. Manna is a type of bread that fell from the sky while the Israelites wandered the desert after their exodus from Egypt. The families also use wine to represent joy. They can also use grape juice to represent the wine.

Jewish families must follow traditional laws during the Sabbath. Traditional laws tell people how to behave during the Sabbath. These laws teach them to refrain from all physical things. The Jewish person must relax and do what they want during this sacred time.

Jewish families celebrate Sabbath on a weekly basis from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. They use candles, bread, wine, and their traditional laws to represent different ideals about the Jewish religion. Jewish families refrain from all physical activities during the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a very special few days for all Jewish families.

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