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The Fighting Entertainment by Avian Rojas (Age: 13)

Gladiators are people who fight for people's entertainment. Gladiators are people who were trained to fight with weapons. They fight other gladiators or rarely wild animals. When fighting they would not die every fight and there were also referees. They go to a special type of school to learn how to fight. There are many different types of gladiators in the world. It didn't matter if you were of a different gender you can become a gladiator. Most gladiators were slaves and were rarely considered people. In a gladiator battle, both people had weapons to fight with. They would use a sword or a dagger as a weapon. And for defense, they used shields in the fights. For the farther range, they used a bow and arrow to shoot. They also had very heavy armor that they had to carry around. When the fight started they both charged at each other. There is a lot of noise since the crowd is excited about the fight. Sometimes they would send out wild animals in the middle of the match to add some more variety. The only way that the match will end is if one gladiator won or one withdraws. The editor decides if they go on to the next fight or if they get killed.

The place where gladiators fight is called a colosseum. The colosseum is a round-shaped arena with a lot of seats. Today sports stadiums look a lot like a colosseum because of their round shape. People who were richer stayed at the bottom seats while other people sat up top. Below the ground was backstage for all the fighters and animals. Here is where a doctor is and the wardrobe for the fighter. The fighters train and talk while waiting for their turn. There are panels that can bring up the fighters and animals to the stage. Some people knew that there was an underground but didn't tell anybody.

When gladiator fights take place they should be on holiday. Because it would be a very important piece of culture. Since everyone likes the fights it would be on holiday. They might have exclusive events just for the holiday. Like for Halloween, They would have orange and black clothes. And for Christmas, the fight would have red clothes. Summer would have sand in the arena. Easter would be more colorful.

I think the reason Romans would want to attend a gladiator fight is the action. There is so much going on it would be the center of attention. The thrill of watching people fight is very amusing. Also, you don't know who or what will show during the fight. Everyone that fights has different styles of how to fight. You wouldn't know how good they were so you had to watch to know how good they were. They would also fight wild animals as a test to see how good they are. This is why I think Romans attended the gladiator battle.

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