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The Daily Life of Body Shops by Dylan Murrell (Age: 15)

Auto body shops can be found everywhere and if you wreck your car you will most likely go to one of these shops. Car repair shops specialize in the repair of a vehicle by making the damaged areas and parts look brand new. They will make your wrecked car look like it did before and sometimes better. Body shops are great! We all love them but they are so much more.

We all thank body shops for our cars restoration but what really is a body shop?

It is as previously stated a shop that specializes in the repair of damage of automobiles. A body shop normally its a group of about four to eight people that all go and work on a different car then the others so the most work can be done. “The goal is to make the car look brand new and impress the customer,” states Dwayne Murrell, owner of Best Body Shop. When a car is completely done the shop will contact the owner that their car is ready and the customer comes to pay for their work then drives home. Body shops will work very hard to repair your car back to its former glory and maybe even better.

Now body shops ain't no walk in the park then take a lot of different kinds of techniques to get looking good and new again. Some body shops have what is called a paint booth that has a fan inside that sucks up all the harmful paint fumes to keep the rest of the shop safe to keep working in. “We try to use the paint booth for all paint jobs but sometimes we do them wherever the car is at,” claims Dwayne Murrell. They can also use hammers and pullers to get dents out and to beat dents back in. There is an office in the body shop that will get you an estimate of the damages on your car and how much it would cost to fix it. Body shops use multiple methods to fix your car and will work on multiple at a time.

During a day of work at the body shop it can vary when and how the job is done for that day. For example if it is cold outside the painter could use a different hardener in order to best suit the temperature and vice versa with hot temperatures. “When it is hot we use a hardener to dry slower to account for the heat,” explained Dwayne Murrell. It can also be done in a fashion of if the car is taken apart by the end of the day they can order the parts that need to be replaced and they can be delivered tomorrow. You could also paint a car before work is over and it can dry overnight and be ready to work on in the morning. Depending on the time or temperature the cars repair can be done differently but no matter what it is done right.

A body shop specializes in the repair of damaged vehicles but its not that simple. Body shops are like and other company they have deadlines and closing time so they must work hard in order to get everything done before the days end. The ways the repairs are done are dependent on the time and temperature. Body shops are the best place to get your car repaired so if your car has body damage what are you waiting for get to a body shop and get your car looking new again.

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