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The Amazing, Delicious Cheeseburger by Avian Rojas (Age: 9)

I am going to make an amazing, super, delicious, cheesy burger.

The supplies that we are going to need are olive oil,lean ground beef, onion, bell peppers (red,green or yellow) garlic, tomato sauce, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, fresh oregano,fresh parsley , Italian seasoning, garlic salt or powder, white or red wine vinegar, sugar, salt cheese (mozzarella) beacon.

I purchase these item at Walmart . I feel that they have better quality and fresher fruit so I prefer to purchase there. But you can buy items at any local grocery store.

First grab a bowl to start seasoning the lean ground meat. Put the ground meat in the bowl then add 1 half of onion,1 half of large bell pepper,2 cloves of garlic,1 28-ounce can of good quality tomato sauce,3 ounces tomato paste,1 14-ounce can of tomatoes {crushed},2 tablespoons of fresh oregano,1 half cup of fresh parsley,1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning. Add a pinch of garlic salt. Mix, mix, and mix.

Once its ready get some meat with a spoon. You put it on your hand and make a ball. Pat in down to make a patty. Pour a little bit of olive oil on the pan and get ready to cook patties. Next, put mozzarella cheese on top of the beef patty.

Put the ketchup on the bottom bun. Place the hamburger patty on the bottom bun. Finally place the top bun over the cheese.

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