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Someone Stealing Body Parts from Brinklscarry Graveyard By Nicholas Cluney (Age: 12)

Breaking News: This morning around 2:00 am there was someone or something who stole body parts from graves in Brinklscarry Graveyard, 2 arms and 2 legs are reported missing. The police are still looking at the bodies to figure out the parts that are lost. The town is speculating that it was one of the scientists who stole the parts for dark science, possibly to make a body for who knows what. Witnesses at the scene think that someone is making fiction become nonfiction. They are scared for their lives right now. The town has no clue when whatever is going to show up.

Mayor Bottomsworth said, “We certainly don't want any zombies around, that would be scary for everyone in the country, even the globe. I hope I never see the thing that might be made. It might be done in a day or two or 14, we don't know if it would attack but we hope it never comes alive.”

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