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Hello, this is Kyler Cosme reporting to you from Berlin, Germany. Today we have a big story for you. Late, last night it was rumored that Dr. Frankenstein was stealing body parts out of the local cemetery. Why might you ask is he doing this? It has been said that he is collecting body parts to make a human like creature. Who knows what he might do with a creature like that. How is he doing this? Dr. Frankenstein is sneaking into the cemetery after dark and taking the parts he needs. But lucky for us we have a key witness. Here we give you an interview with a local zombie, Pitchfork Bob the 3rd. We also have here with us our zombie translator, Shelly Von Shells.

Kyler: Pitchfork Bob, can you tell us exactly what happened last night?

Pitchfork Bob: moan groan growl moan groan.

Shelly: Pitchfork Bob says that last night when he was playing hide n seek (by himself, sad, I know sad, right?). When he saw a shadowy figure digging up Larry the Lifeless’ grave and the putting the body parts into a bag. The figure then started to dig Vincent Van No Ears grave. So Pitchfork Bob jumped up out of his hiding spot and ran over to the figure to say hello. When he got up, the dark figure ran away and in the light of the streetlamp. Pitchfork Bob saw it was Dr. Frankenstein. He tried to run after Dr. Frankenstein but Pitchfork Bob was too slow. So he went back to his grave to take a nap.

Kyler: How did you know that the big bag was full of body parts.

Pitchfork: growl moan groan moan.

Shelly: Pitchfork Bob says that there was an arm and a leg sticking out the side of the bag.

Kyler: Oh well that makes a lot of sense.

That pretty much wraps up our interview for today, but tune in next week for more on this situation.

Warning watch out for Dr. Frankenstein he could be dangerous. Police will be on the lookout for him (since taking body parts from a cemetery is illegal which means he broke the law). If you see anything suspicious call the Dr.Frankenstein hotline 999-99-dr-frankenstein.

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