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Small Town News and the Big Case of Cemetery Robberies By Tiffany Thompkins (Age: 10)

Breaking news!

Today at the small-town cemetery, someone dug up bones from a grave belonging to a dead man. Who can it be? Town people are speculating that it was Dr. Victor Frankenstein, but there is no evidence to link him to the crime. Word on the street is that Dr. Victor Frankenstein is planning to build a monster. People are terrified about what this monster may be capable of doing. Seriously who steals body parts to make something good? Police are right now are inspecting the cemetery for evidence. After inspecting, police will be calling in witnesses to get information that would provide leads for this case. One person, who did not want to be named, spoke with Small Town News. The information he provided gave a large clue pointing Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

The witness said “I was taking my nightly stroll as I normally do. I happened to walk by the cemetery. I saw a man in long black coat with a black hood and black mask. He was in a grave with a burlap bag and a rusty shovel covered in blood. I yelled out ‘Hey what are you doing!’” The witness took a deep breath before going on. “When I yelled out the man, he turned to me and took off his mask. I was in shock it was Dr. Victor Frankenstein! He gave me a look of death and in a low growling voice he said, ‘If you tell anyone I’ll use your head for the monster!’ That’s when I knew something was up. I got out of there real fast!”

Police will be releasing a sketch of the wanted criminal with a reward of $5000 to the person with leading information his capture.

People are a warned to be careful and avoid direct contact with Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Call police immediately if you see this man or know of his whereabouts.

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