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Pharaoh Khufu by Tiffany Thompkins (Age: 11)

Khufu was an Egyptian pharaoh during the Fourth Dynasty that lasted from 2613 to 2494 BC. The pharaoh was born 2609 BC. to Pharaoh Shefure and Queen Hetepheres I. His name means “God Khnum is my protector”. Khufu had many siblings. He became pharaoh when he was nine years old. His father had founded the fourth dynasty. Khufu reigned over Egypt for twenty-three years.

Khufu is best known for building The Great Pyramid of Giza in 2560 BC. It took over twenty years for 100,000 slaves to build it. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest pyramid built by Khufu. It was used to preserve Khufu’s body after he had been mummified. The pyramid also kept his gold and other stuff safe. Khufu died in 2567 BC. He was buried inside of his pyramid above a burial chamber. Khufu’s name was carved in a rock reporting “mefat-travling in the year after the 13th cattle count under Hor-Medjedu”. Both of Khufu’s wives and some of his children were buried around the Great Pyramid.

Khufu had a big family. His two wives, Henutsen and Meritites, gave him twenty-four children! Khufu has fifteen daughters and nine sons. All of his children became famous Egyptians. His son, Djedefre succeeded him as pharaoh after his crowned prince brother died. Djedefre’s brother, Khafre, became pharaoh after Djedefre died while on the throne.

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