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Mysterious Man Steals Body Parts By: A.R Benjsson (Age: 11)

Bendigo is in panic as reports pour in of a shady grave robber stealing body parts. An unidentified man has been seen destroying graves and taking human body parts with him.

Police are aware of the many reports and are trying to find a suspect. Several people have been questioned, but no arrests have been made. The police have stated that they will keep the suspects classified as of now.

A local man, who wishes to remain anonymous, told this journalist, “Okay, so one minute I’m watching the footy and eating my barbecue chicken pizza, then the next I’m staring out the window with a phone dialling triple zero, watching this guy in a black fur coat and a fedora. Then I see him dig up a grave and pull out a dagger, slashing rapidly. He pulls off a few limbs, pops them in a bag then kicks the grave to dust before hobbling off!”

Another local resident, a 27-year-old woman, came across the mystery man while she was at the cemetery with her six-year-old son, examining graves for a genealogy report. “Then my son pointed over to a man near a grave with a shovel and asked, “Is that who you’re looking for?” she recalled, “So I grabbed him and ran to the car.”

Currently, fourteen graves are known to have been robbed. All families of the deceased have been alerted.

Police are still investigating, trying desperately to get an answer. The investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Jacob Thompson said that the local police have increased the number of patrols in the area and are observing the cemetery closely. He requests that everybody stays calm and that if anybody has any information regarding the crimes, they contact police immediately.

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