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My Trip From Jamaica to the USA By: Malek Rashad (Age: 9)

My mom and I were in Jamaica on vacation. It was super fun! We went to the beach, the forest, and our first lunch at Juicy Patty! Juicy Patty is a restaurant that serves empanadas. Empanadas is a filled pastry or a meal with beef and cheese, chicken and cheese, plane beef or plain chicken.The trip was our first time spending vacation in a hostel! One of the coolest things about it, is that the place we stayed in was on a huge mountain in the middle of nowhere! When our week in Jamaica was over we went to the airport to fly back home.

We were in the airport waiting for our flight back to the good ‘ol USA. We waited about two hours in the airport. It turned out the flight we were taking was overbooked. The airline gave us a $500 voucher, which took like 45 minutes, but they gave it to each of us and put us on another plane to Washington DC. We waited an hour, and believe it or not, that flight was overbooked too! So they gave us a $1000 voucher and put us in this super awesome, super fancy, all inclusive hotel (did I mention it was totally awesome possum!).

We could do anything at the hotel. Wanna know something super funny? The hotel was called the Deja hotel. My mom and I thought it sounded like deja vu! We had a really nice room. There was two beds. We could play Ping Pong, Pool and Chess whenever we wanted! I made a new friend named Azhi. I think he was like 12 yrs old, but I’m not 100% sure. We played pool, Ping Pong and he told me his PS4 username! The next day, we got to the airport and (thank god) it was NOT overbooked. We waited like four hrs but we got home all in the end.

Jamaica was superduper, lemon kakuper fun! We loved the hostel, the people, the food, pretty much everything! The airport was super boring tho, but the hotel and hostel were pretty nice and calming. The new friend I made in Jamaica, well a week after the airport adventure we were playing Fortnite on our PS4s!

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