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My Favorite Shows by Emily Chavez (Age: 9)

My favorite shows that I like watching are Power Battle Watch Car and Monkart. I found them on Netflix and Youtube. When I watched Power Battle Watch Car for the first time I thought it was interesting.

It’s about Jino, Roy, Ari, Maru and Kai. They have Watch Cars that have powers to race. Each character has their own Watch Car. Jino’s car is Bluewill, Roy’s is Avan, Ari’s is Sona, Maru’s is Porty and Kai’s is Blood. They battle in the Watch Car Battle League. Mac is the one who invented the Watch Cars and repairs them when they get broken. Mac tells the characters when they win in the battle league they will get a Mind Key. There are 3 Mind Keys. Courage, Love, and Power.

My other favorite show Monkart is also pretty cool. It takes place in Korea. It’s about Jin, Draka, Sena, Rarrken, Destro, Zero, Dante, Leo, Varret and Lancelot. They each have a car that transforms into robots that fight other robots.

These type of shows are called Animation. I have been watching animation since I was 6 years old and still do because I really like them. My first favorite animation show was Yo Kai Watch then it was Pokemon, and now it’s Power Battle Watch Car and Monkart.

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