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My Favorite Childhood Book Series by Conor Staggs (Age: 14)

So, does anyone remember Captain Underpants? I think you'll remember that man with red cape in his underwear. I loved the heck out of this series when I was in third grade. They were childish to some but funny to younger kids. I don't read them anymore because of my age and another reason I'll talk about later.

These books were my favorite books to get at the library. Besides, Stone Rabbit and Loud Boy some other books that are great in their own way. I think my favorite characters will be Captain Underpants, George, and Harold. Because, they're funny and are super important to the story. The books were made by Dav Pilkey a man who enjoys making kids and adults laugh.

Even if, the series was loved Dav ended the last book with Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot. Marking it to be his last Captain Underpants book until a new hero took his place. I was angered at the last book for ending an epic franchise that was loved world wide by kids and adults alike. But, when DreamWorks was called to make a movie of the captain it started. Captain Underpants the movie was a box office hit to kids and adults everywhere.

But, then Dav want silence again after unavailing Dog-Man. Heck no, this was not the series I enjoyed. It was gone replaced by this stupid dog that had destroyed my favorite series and my hero. Then, to add more anger a Captain Underpants series on Netflix was made and it's bad. But, even though it's over I remember the series that got me to read I remember my good captain. Tra-La-Laaaa.

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