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My Exciting Visit to the Annie Riggs Museum by Avian Rojas (Age: 10)

Have you ever been to the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum in Fort Stockton, Texas? The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is a fun place where you can learn the history of a small West Texas town.  I visited the small museum with my mom and little sister. The museum is located in an old hotel built out of adobe. 

Mom, my little sister and I went into the museum. We watched a documentary about the history of the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum in the parlor. Afterwards, we went outside to the rectangular courtyard. Five small rooms had different historical exhibits in them. The rooms weren't connected to each other because they used to be hotel rooms. A small porch went all around with  branding irons hanging down from the wooden roof. 

On the side of the courtyard we saw a big, old wagon parked next to the museum. It was a brown wagon that used to be pulled by two horses. It could sit four people in the carriage and two people could sit on the driver's bench. A tall stand with information about it was in front of it. The wagon was super cool! 

I had so much fun visiting the museum. There were many interesting things about the history of Fort Stockton that I learned in the documentary. I liked visiting the rooms in the courtyard but the best part was looking at the wagon. Don't you want to come see it to?

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