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My dog, Duke By: Ava Szogyeni (Age: 8)

I love dogs. My dog Duke is a Great Dane. He is six years old. He was a foster dog that we loved so much we couldn’t resist so we decided to keep him. Let me tell you more about my dog Duke.

Duke is a Great Dane. He is as big as a small horse. Great Danes come in all different sizes. Males can weight between 140 -175 lbs. Females are smaller than males. They weight between 110 – 140 lbs. My dog weighs 110 lbs.

Great Danes are one of tallest dogs in the world. Males can stand between 30 – 32 inches. Females are shorter at 28 – 30 inches. Duke is very tall!

Duke is black with white on his chest. Great Danes come in different colors and patterns. Some Great Danes are gray but they are called Blue. Harlequins have black and white patches on their body. Duke is very handsome.

My dog Duke loves coyote! Duke see them a lot. He is obsessed with them. I don’t know if he likes them or he wants to eat them. When he sees a coyote, he cries and runs like lightening after them.

My dog Duke is a really nice pet. He gets complements every time we hike with him. We often see coyotes when we hike, and he loves them. I hope people love their dog as much as we do.

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