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My Dog Blog By Cannon Greene (Age: 14)

I love dogs. I have two dogs. I also like hot dogs, they are delicious.

I rescued one of my dogs from the beach in Ecuador. Her name is Pinchita, which means beach bum in Spanish. She is very fuzzy and soft. I also have another dog. He is a boxer/boston terrier mix named Harley. He is brown, fluffy and likes to chase his tail. He can chase his tail all day long and he has even caught it a few times.



Pinchita likes running on the beach and eating bugs. The first time we took her to the beach she thought we were going to leave her on the beach and she didn’t want to go. Pinchita will howl and it sounds like she is talking to you. She loves to go under the covers in the bed. Her full name is Pinchiagua, but we call her Pinchita for short. She is named after our friend’s dog who looks almost exactly like her. We also like to dress her up in costumes. One of my favorite costumes is her Elvis costume. We took her in front of Graceland with it on and everybody loved it. When she used to live on the beach, she liked to dig for crabs to get food because nobody was there to feed her.



We got Harley from a slightly used ad on Craigslist. He also like running on the beach and eating bugs. One time, Harley ate a butterfly and he thought it was delicious.

Harley is pretty dumb. He ran into the street and got hit by a car. When he chases his tail we always tell him to stop because it is very annoying. Harley has a lot of food allergies. He can’t eat wheat, corn, or soy or he will poop all over the floor.

I love my dogs so much.

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