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Mental Health by: Avian Rojas (Age: 14)

Something I care about is mental health. Mental health is very important. Some people think that your mental health doesn't matter. But I think we should teach people that mental health is what you need to live. And that it is ok to cry and be frustrated about it. That is why everyone needs support through hard times.

Some people are too scared to tell anybody about their mental health. That is why people need someone to talk to about their mental health. But some people are not really social and don't like to talk face to face. They prefer to text instead of talking. And some people's mental health is so bad that they don't do anything all day. This can make your mental health even worse than it was already. And when it is the night they cry themselves asleep. Those people need therapists to help ease the pain. But sometimes just talking to family members can help a lot.

Bad mental health means you have no motivation. This means you will be glued to your bed the whole day watching TV. After a while, you start to gain weight and stress eating. Some people don't ever stop and almost all of them pass away in their sleep. Even doing simple things like cleaning or grocery shopping will be hard. When you notice yourself laying in bed all day and you are gaining weight you should try doing something. Once out of that you will feel much better.

Some people don't care what you are going through. But people who care will always be by your side no matter what. Whether it be a family member or a very close friend. People should care because what if you were in that position? You would want help too. But if you don't care and your mental health goes down no one will be there because you didn't care about them. That is why some people end up getting so sad they end their lives. Helping these people will make an example for future generations to understand that mental health is no joke.

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