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LOCAL GRAVEYARD ROBBED! By Arianna Poveda (Age: 13)

This is Chuckles the Clown, reporting live tonight from the Cherry Graveyard. We give you breaking news on the concept of a robbery. Under the cover of darkness, a hooded figure was seen darting into this graveyard and exiting with a bag full of what police suspect to be body parts. Joe Spearhead, the night guard, was on patrol and witnessed the intrusion around 11:00 P.M. However, he only noticed the figure once it was well beyond the gates of the cemetery. After noticing the thief, he called the police. Upon investigating the scene, the police found graves had been dug up, dirt piled up around the sides, and several bodies were missing various parts.

Police have no idea what the fiend's motive is. However, Sargent Blake Skye, who is investigating the case, suspects local scientists are to blame. “It would certainty make sense if it was them, with all the freaky experiments they do,” he says. Other townspeople aren't sure as to who the burglar is.

      “It's not so weird that body parts go missing here. I used to use body parts for my spells, and nobody accused me of grave theft,” says a local witch who prefers to remain anonymous.

“I'm not sure what to think, what with this town being full of Halloween-like people and pranks. It could be pretty much anyone: the hairdresser, some kids pulling a joke, even a pope could've done it. We have no true way of knowing who the culprit is,” says Aeros, a draconian. 

         The police have temporarily closed off the cemetery and are investigating it for more clues. As of now, they have found a shovel, a list that says which body parts are needed and how many, and a note that says, “I must be careful handling the arms and hands; they can snap easily.” The police have taken the shovel, note and paper back to the lab to check for fingerprints. You can be sure we will let you know the instant a break in the case is made. 

         This is Chuckles the Clown, signing off.

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