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Last Night, Body Parts Were Stolen. By: Zachary Tigh (Age: 11)

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Hi, I’m Ovilar reporting from BPD (Burial Place for the Dead)

Last night at 12:09AM body parts were stolen from the BPD cemetery.

Ovilar: “Who do you think stole the body parts?”

Bambam:“It was probably Dr.Frankenstein because he is crazy.”

Ovilar: “Why do you think he is crazy?”

Bambam: “For one he stole body parts, for two he wants to marry his step sister and for three he wants to play with lightning.”

Dr Frankenstein is very crazy so he is the first person to go to but you never know it might not be him. And apparently we have another witness.

Marry: “It probably was not him but people working for him. At least that's what I think. I know I saw two men digging up a grave.”

So…… that raises a few more questions like what would he do with those body parts. Oh dear we got something else!

Tarzan: “He stole a brain From me! And I know which brain he stole. He stole a abnormal brain!”

Ovilar: “So he might be doing something, but what would he be doing with those body parts?”

So………… maybe he's putting them together to make a dummy that looks like a zombie? Honestly, someone crazier might be doing this! But Dr.Frankenstein plays with lightning……… So he might put them together to shock them with the power of lightning? Like in a SciFi book? Honestly, who knows what he(or someone else) is doing.

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