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King Tutankhamun by Kian Iseli (Age: 11)

Tut's farther was Akhenten and his mother was is known as the "the younger lady" her name was not found. Tut was born in around 1341 BC. He died 1323 BC at the age 18 or 19. They put his body in a tomb that wasn't meant for him because of his untimely death. He died by a broken leg when he fell off a chariot and the wheel ran over him. King Tut never had any kids and was married to his sister Ankhesenamun. She was remarried and died at a young age of 26.

Thousands of years later, two British men in 1920 were trying to find the pharaoh's tombs. They came across one that was barricaded by solid rock and traps. When they finally found Tut's tomb, one was asked what they saw. He said "very beautiful things'.

Unknown to them, the tomb was cursed. One of them died with in weeks from a disease from a mosquito bite and others died from mysterious things happening to them.

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