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Is Improving Technology Helping the Future? By Conor Staggs (Age: 15)

Technology has been with us for many years. But now that we live in a generation where technology has improved. some say. "Improving technology is bad!" When people here that they ask is it bad to?

First of all, people think of robots and hover boards when thinking of improving technology. However, no one can see the future. But it's stated that in the article, what is the future of technology. However, there are reasonable arguments that can be made, based on the advances and trends of technology in the past. Even if some might not agree with improving technology. my Robotic teacher stated to me. It can be. I think the question is, should we? So, it can be good and bad. In his words, improving technology can be good and bad in both ways.

Second of all, many are also afraid of their identity being looked at by someone behind the screen. Computer data works everywhere and can keep your identity wherever you are. This is just what my robotics teacher said about it. The data is everywhere. I think right now, we try to keep privacy. But we live in a time without none. This means that if our face, fingers, and eyes are used to get into our electronics are in the data base now. And can't be removed.

Third of all, with this many ask. How will we evolve from technology? Many had stated that we'll have cybernetic enhancements in a year or two. In the article, the site states. Some futurists have even claimed that the rate of technological progress is accelerating, citing the argument that better tools help us create still better tools, and there exist more skilled scientists and engineers today than ever before. If that don't convince you then my robotics teacher states this. I think the rates going too fast every five years. Even in some ways it could be. If these are true. We can expect more in the future.

Finally, people are more afraid of scientist giving technology artificial intelligent. And it's stated in In Japan and elsewhere, research is intense to develop robots that can take care of the elderly and help automate more manual labor tasks. If this is true, then my robotics teacher could be correct. Saying, based on my class right now. All the AI is trying to understand. They can try. But it'll take years. In conclusion, if this is true. We can except a future full of robots and more technology.

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