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How To Prepare For A Hurricane By: Tiffany Thompkins (Age: 10)

To prepare for a hurricane, we need to know why we prepare. We need to prepare because you have to make a plan. Will you stay? Will you evacuate? Do you have pets? What will you need and for how long?

There are several things you need to do and have to prepare for a hurricane:

1. Flashlight and extra batteries.

2. Nonperishable food and plenty of water case the power goes out because you never know if the storm knock the power out.

3. A first aid kit for any cuts or accidents

4. Pack just in case you must leave so your important things like paperwork, taxes, and keep it at the door at all time just in case.

5. People need to make sure to take their medications too.

6. During the storm the power will probably go out. Turn off or unplug any electronics because power surges can damage them

7. Kids should have their favorite toys and things to color and read during the storm.

8. Cleaning up the yard can help so it can protect your home. People should put boards on their glass windows to keep them from breaking. pick up the yard such as trash, large sticks, and furniture to keep them from blowing away before the storm.

9. You should make sure your pets have somewhere to go. Check and see what types of hotels allow pets. If you have horses find out where you can take them. Make sure they have food, toys, and paperwork. They need to have proof of vaccinations. Make sure they have their medications too.

10. Don’t panic and listen to the weather channel and authorities because they will be able to tell you where you to go and what to do.

Hurricanes can be scary and frightening. Don’t panic, have a plan. Hurricanes are times family can come together to help each other. When you are prepared the storm is easier to bear.

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