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High School Football: The Great Debate by Dylan Murrell (Age: 15)

Football is America's greatest pastime, so it is often watched on TV and in large stadiums. Football consists of two teams that have the common goal of getting the football and getting it to their end zone. The other team that does not have the football must tackle the person who has the football four times as quickly as possible. The tackling often brings up discussion of if the sport is safe because players can easily get concussions.

Football is and has been one of America's favorite pastimes to enjoy watching on TV or in the stadium. Football fans like to see the hard hits and the tackles that leave the fans on the edge of their seats. Yes football can be dangerous because of the concussions but scientist are constantly making breakthroughs for helmets to better block out the risk of concussions. Other types of football would leave the fans not as happy with the game cause lots of people like football for the violence and tackling.

With football being such a popular sport it is not a bad idea to think about the players health more than winning and the money. Even with better helmets that block concussions better than current helmets it won't help with your brain being shaken up and hitting your skull on impact. With lots of cases of concussions in retired players and current players the matter should be looked into more than it currently is.

Football is the great American pastime with lots of dangerous side effects and player trauma. We should be allowed to do what we want like play football but the proper safety precautions should be taken to keep the players safe and healthy. Football is a very fun and thrilling game but let's make sure its not a dangerous one too.

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