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Going to Grandma's House by Avian Rojas (Age: 12)

My grandma wanted us to come to her house for the weekend. It was a six hour drive to get there. By the time we got there it was 9:00 pm. But at our place it was 10:00 pm. The time changed. Not everybody came. My dad was doing other stuff that weekend. The first night, I got to sleep in my grandma's bed. She has disabilities too and her bed was super soft. The next day, we went to her backyard to swim in the pool. It was a bit small but it worked. Our cousins came over to play in the pool. We played in the pool for three hours. When we went inside, me and my cousin played Pokémon.

My cousin and I like Pokémon a lot. We went to their apartment to visit them. Me and him played Pokémon the whole time. We played with his hedgehog named Boo. We played with him for two hours. Boo likes to hide in blankets and stuffed animals. My cousin and I traded Pokémon and battled with them. My Pokémon's level was 60 and his were all level 100.

The next day, we got in the pool at twelve and that day we were leaving. When we got out we ate pizza so we were not hungry. I ate like five pizzas but I didn’t eat the crust. We said goodbye to everyone and I said to Kaydren, "I will battle you the next time we meet." So this is what happened at my grandma's house.

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