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Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech by Meghan Brathwaite (Age: 13)

Freedom of Speech allows for anyone to say what is on their mind, including hate speech. There are pros and cons to having hate speech within the freedom of speech. Americans can vent online without getting into trouble. Hate speech eventually leads to terrorism. There are many different reasons why hate speech should and shouldn’t be in the First Amendment.

Some people believe that hate speech shouldn’t be protected. Mostly because that is how most terrorism starts. White supremacists go online and start groups that lead to others to commit violence against minorities. Some of them go in together but most of them go online by themselves. They talk with each other in a place filled with hate and violence. Then out of the group one would find a place that a lot of minorities go to and would commit an act of terrorism.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects anyone from racial discrimination but it doesn’t protect them from hate speech. Hate speech can cause mental problems like stress and anxiety. Some activists believe that it’s unfair that racial discrimination isn’t allowed but hate speech is. This is another reason why hate speech shouldn’t be protected.

On the other hand, it is a good thing that hate speech is protected because if you were going through a phase were you hated white people because you had just learned about slavery. But then you said something hateful to them on the internet. It’s okay because you are protected.

Another reason why hate speech being protected is a good thing is because just because someone feels that they are above other races of people doesn’t exactly mean that they are going to act. Most people are going to talk but at the end of the day, they aren’t going to act because they are too afraid.

Freedom of speech is a good and bad thing for Americans. Americans have always had war with each other because of hate speech. At the same time if hate speech wasn't allowed people would have pent up rage. What is your opinion?

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