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Frankenstein Steals Bodies From The Local Cemetery! By: Ariella McClain (Age: 14)

There have been rumors about Frankenstein stealing bodies from the local cemetery. The rumor about Frankenstein has been around for the past few days. I needed to find the truth about this disgusting rumor myself.

For the past few nights I have been hiding in the not so comfortable cemetery bushes, to see if this rumor was true. Frankenstein was not there, but his creation was! The famous unnamed monster himself opened one coffin, stealing only one body a night. For three nights, he stole bodies and walked off with them. On the third night I followed him back to where he was hiding these bodies. What was he doing with them? Is he going to put them back? Was he going to eat them? I had to know.

We walked for about thirty minutes, before we reached an old, dirty, Victorian house, in an empty field. The monster opened the splintered door, and went inside without closing closing it behind him. Although he hadn’t noticed me yet, I didn’t risk going inside the house.

I crawled along the side of the house peeking through the dirty, cracked windows. The monster went to a room in the house that was out of my view, and I wasn’t able to see what happened.

I went to the backyard (which was a little overgrown), surprised to see a

Victorian tea party! Dead bodies were seated at the table, in either a Victorian dress, or a Victorian suit. The monster came out of the back door about an hour later. (I know, it was a very boring night) He put the body he carried from the cemetery in the last chair at the table. It was a woman, and he had put it in a creamy yellow, Victorian dress. The creature put a creamy yellow sun hat, with a huge fabric flower on the side, on her head. The monster went to a canvas he had in the distance, and opened up a chest of paints. He put colors on a palette, he started to paint! I guess he just needed the bodies for the scene. It was a tea party he could never have.

The next night I hid in the cemetery bushes again, to see if he would put the bodies back, but he never came. After waiting a few hours I went to his hiding place, but they weren’t there! The bodies were gone, and so was the creation himself. I looked around to see if there was any evince of him leaving, but I couldn't find any tracks or clues. I guess we will never know what happened to the bodies, stolen from the cemetery.

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