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Fortnite - What it is and How to Play by Malek Rashad (Age: 9)

Fortnite, AKA the greatest game in the world, was created by a company called Epic Games. Epic creates a whole BUNCH of games including WWZ, Borderlands 3, The Walking Dead, Metro Exodus, and many other games. I think that probably my favorite game the they have created is Fortnite.

Fortnite is an online 3rd person shooter with three modes. The first mode is Battle Royale (my favorite mode), Save the World, and last but not least, Creative Mode. Battle Royale is a mode where there’s 100 players, a storm, and you.

If you want to play a little bit more laid back, here is my advice. You have to fight to the Victory Royale with the loot that is dropped on the floor when you land from the Battle Bus. If you’ve ever played Pub G Battlegrounds, it’s pretty similar to those jets, except in Fortnite it’s a flying school bus. Pretty awesome right?

When you land you will see a circle on your map which identifies where the safe zone is. If you don’t get to the safe zone on time, the storm will catch up to you and when it catches you, your automatically loosing health from your character. However, if you manage to get in the zone before it takes away all your health, you can try and find heals. Once you are healed up you can get into the battle with the other 100 people remaining. After the zone stops for a little bit, there won’t be that much players left, maybe like 30 to 45 people left because nowadays they’re playing really aggressive with those eliminations. You have to outlast every person until the final person shows up you can either go and fight or hide and wait until the zone kills them. If your one of those people who wants to automatically get into the action, my advice is to go to one of the buildings in Neo Towers or Mega Mall. When you land at tilted or the mall, you want to find the best loot, hunt down some people get away from the zone, and hopefully, just maybe, drop a 20 bomb (20 kills (VERY RARE)). Once you’re the last person standing you get your very first Victory Royale.

The other modes STW (Save the World) and Creative mode are much more different then Battle Royale. STW is fighting zombies with your friends and retrieving tools for you base and things like that. In creative, you can invite one of your friends or if you want, 14 of them to play your own, built by you, creative map. It’s where you can have building battles, death runs, things like that.

That’s my info for you. Bye! See you in the battle.

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