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Dr. Frankenstein Caught Stealing Body Parts From A.B.E Lincoln Cemetery by Elena Vega (Age: 11)

Body parts? Why? What for? Who would do something so horrific, and why, oh why? Those are questions for the self-proclaimed Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the robber who robbed body parts from our local cemetery. At 10:33 pm, last Saturday at the A.B.E Lincoln Cemetery, Dr. Victor Frankenstein was seen stealing body parts from different areas of the cemetery. Mrs. Lea Rachet spotted him and called the cops. Moments after, Frankenstein was arrested and was awaiting interrogation. "My family and I live across the street from A.B.E,” Mrs. Rachet says a couple hours later, “Matthew, my husband, and I had just gotten back from the theaters and a relaxing date night. Our two older girls had come along, but they are quiet and know how to help, so they helped us out with our baby, John. When we stepped out of the car, we heard a rustling noise from across the street. “Matthew and I assumed it was a stray cat or something of that sort,” Mrs. Rachet begins to shudder at this point of her story. “But I was incredibly wrong. My youngest daughter, Lily, spotted Frankenstein moving around, stopping every now and then to pick something up. She pointed and asked me, ‘Mommy, look! Who is that? Is he going to hurt us?’ I rushed the kids inside and called 911. But while I was waiting for the cops to arrive, I saw Frankenstein begin to leave! I told my husband that we had to do something, so before I could stop him, he ran across the road to Frankenstein and jumped on top of him! “I don’t want to sound snob, but Matthew is very strong, so he contained Frankenstein until the authorities arrived. I thank God for keeping us safe,” Mrs. Rachet finishes her interview smiling. The cops thank Mr. and Mrs. Rachet, and Lily, before beginning to interview Frankenstein. I was lucky enough to have my dad being one of the cops who apprehended Frankenstein, so I got to interview him. I asked him why did he steal body parts. Even if he got away with it, what would he gain taking body parts?

I am about to defeat death. I will be the greatest scientist of all times and I will be remembered until someone creates their own man-made galaxy. I am about to do the impossible and create my own.” My own what? I asked him this question many times, but he did not answer. He said he did not want anyone to do his “masterpiece” before he did it. After that puzzling response I asked him another question. Would he feel the heavy burden of taking a body part? To me and you, it is disturbing. But to Frankenstein, it is all part of his “masterpiece” he once again quotes. And he tells me he feels no regret about what he has done. I ask him a couple more questions, all of which he answers truthfully. He did not know it but my father told me he was hooked up to a lie detector, so we can believe that he answered everything truthfully. After two days in custody, however, the police fined him $5,000, then released him. The chief of police, Captain Sytner, announced to the public, “Dr. Victor Frankenstein has committed a little robbery but it is just petty theft. He returned the body parts, paid the fine, and assures me he will not do it again. If you see him doing wrong, do not hesitate to call us, because he will not just be fined next time.” Although the chief of police is satisfied, many of the community are not. “We live on the other side of town,” Mrs. Rachel Weeder, mother of nine children, tells me, “And I am still scared. Any man who will take a body part for his own gain should go straight to an asylum. I am worried about the safety of all of my children now!” Mrs. Weeder got me thinking about what other people think about Captain Sytner’s decision about letting Frankenstein go. I interviewed someone else, with inside info on Dr. Frankenstein.

“Before he dropped out, I knew Victor at school,” Scientist Dr. Johnathan Snow comments to me when I ask him if he has any idea about what Frankenstein’s “masterpiece” is. “He didn’t want to be good; he wanted to be the best. He told our professor that he knew how to reanimate a body. Bring it back to life. He asked the professor to fund his experiments, but our professor just laughed at him, saying his idea was that little boyish part of him, and that it will never work. Soon after Victor dropped out. That’s all I know.” Perhaps that is Frankenstein’s plan. Perhaps he hopes to steal a body, then reanimate it, just to prove to the world that he is the best. We can only guess, and hope Frankenstein has quit, and hope that he stays away from our city.

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