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Developing Computer Games by Avian Rojas (Age: 12)

Developing games can be a very interesting experience. It's not easy to create a game. Game Developers have to use a game engine to develop the game. There is computer coding that has to be done as well as the graphics and sound have to be added. Game designers can go to school to learn how to create a game.

Game developers or game designers create games. They use the Cycle of Game Development to create a game. The Cycle of Game Development is a six step process that helps game developers make a game. The six steps include thinking of an idea, designing the game, making the game, testing the game, finalizing the game and publishing the game ( Game developers work hard to create their games.

Making a game is not as easy as you think and takes longer than you would expect. Game developers begin by design at dame design document. It can take a few hours to create a good one( Next, the game developer writes the code for the game. Coding a game can take up to a few years depending on the size of the game


After the game has been created, the game developer creates a game engine for their game to run on. It can take a few days to a week to create one. You could make a game engine and let your game run on it or you could put it on an existing game engine. If you want to make simple music it would take half a day to make( But if you want to make good music it will take way longer than making simple music. Every thing in your game will have to be created by an artist so sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sound effects are easier and take less time than music does. But if you want a specific sound it will take way longer just to get it right( Making games are not easy it can take a lot of time.

You can take courses to learn how to make games(Learn Game Design with Online Courses and Classes | edX). The courses can be helpful. They will help you learn how to use both game design and game development. It is helpful to learn both if you plan to create the game on your own. Taking online courses will help you understand game development and game design. It could also help you by showing what there doing live. This will help you if you want to make a game.

Making a game is very difficult but is very awarding if done right. Taking courses and classes can help you learn to make a game. But can also help you choose if you want to do game development and game design. Trying to make a specific music can take longer than more simpler music. Coding the games will take longer depending on the design of the game. The cycle of game development will show you what to do to create a game.

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