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Dangerous Criminal On The Loose! By: Caroline Perez (Age: 12)

Eyewitness reports on suspicious activity in local graveyard!

“ Good spooky morning, folks! ”

Late last night, in Geneva, Switzerland, it is rumored that Dr. Victor Frankenstein, has been body snatching several body parts from the morgue in the local cemetery.

There is also evidence that that Dr. Victor Frankenstein has used these stolen body parts to animate a humanoid creature, without a license in necromancy!

Here, spiritualist and sorceress Glinda Goodwitch, and clairvoyant investigator Honesty Belladonna give their personal opinion on this matter.

First, lets focus on Glinda Goodwitch, the owner of both the graveyard and the morgue.”

Rose: “Glinda Goodwitch, can you give us your personal opinion on this matter?”

Goodwitch: “ Frankly, I find what Dr. Victor Frankenstein is doing very insulting, and not just me. Most of the spirits and zombies wandering the graveyard are getting very angry at the sight of mutilated bodies. Also, on the matter of the humanoid creature, I feel very bad for him. If this is true, then Dr. Victor Frankenstein will most likely abandon them, or try to kill him, not wanting to face the consequences of his actions, as he has done before. Also, if this humanoid gains a conscience, it makes it all the worst, especially since it will experience speciesism.

Rose: “Interesting! What is your personal opinion Dr. Victor committing this heinous crime, Honesty Belladonna?”

Belladonna: “It is not so much as a personal opinion as much as an educated guess, Mrs. Rose. I believe that if Dr. Frankenstein did commit this crime (and my clairvoyance tells me so) he not only will be charged of performing a resurrection without a license, he will also be charged of body snatching. As for the Humanoid, it will be brought to a monster, zombie, and spirit rehabilitation center. Poor thing.”

We have been alerted that several eyewitnesses (consisting of mostly spirits and zombies) have grouped together to do a sketch of Dr. Frankenstein’s Humanoid.

If you see this creature, immediately call the Necromancer Hotline:

666- 013- SPIRITS.

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