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Coral Adventures by Avian Rojas (Age: 11)

A diver was swimming next to a big coral that he was looking at it and a eel came from behind the reef. He was stung by the eel and he made a deal to look at the reef for thirty minutes. The eel was not a regular eel. Its sting was a rash and poisonous sting. That type of eel was rare not many people got stung by it but the ones who got stung had a horrible time. The pain was so intense by the next day they would be in the hospital. He was going to look for the cure.

There was only one antidote for that sting but it was not sold anywhere. He had to get the ingredients for it. The list said to get a jellyfish tentacle, a yellow coral and a fin of a sea horse. The ingredients were very far from each other and they had to be a very specific kind or it won't work. First, he went to where the  jellyfish was. All the jellyfish looked the same. He checked every jellyfish but he did not find the right one. 

He was going to give up then he saw a lonely jellyfish. He went up to it and it was the one he needed. The next ingredient was a yellow coral that was far from the jellyfish. The yellow coral had to be in a bunch or would get eaten. He found the yellow coral at a small cave under water. He cut a little off so he wouldn't hurt the coral. 

He had to make sure it was the right ingredients before he got the last ingredient. The ingredients were the right one and he had to find the last ingredient. He went to sea horse forest to look for the ingredient. The forest was big enough for the largest whale in the sea to get stuck. He was looking for it so he had to call his friends.

When he found the sea horse it looked like a rainbow. The sea horse was extremely rare. He had to not harm the seahorse because it was rare. He took it to his boat and checked the ingredients. He had the right one. He had got sparkling water to make sure it works. He was the first person to find the cure to the eel sting.

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