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Chickens Are The Best by Sammie Mays (Age: 12)

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I love Cubalaya chickens. I have had Cubalayas for three years and they are my favorite type of chicken. They have very goofy personalities and make me laugh. Here is some information about Cubalayas.


The Cubalaya came from Cuba to the U.S in 1939. They are known to have good meat and lay beautifully colored eggs. Cubalayas are not very common chicken and are a threatened heritage breed.

What They Look Like

Cubalayas are beautiful chickens. The males are black, and red with long tail feathers. The females are tan, and brown. The roosters weigh about six pounds and the hens weigh four pounds.


They love to fly and they are very kind and easy to tame. If they really trust you they may even fall asleep in your lap. But, if you don’t pet and hold every day they will turn wild. If you make them too tame they are easier for animals to hunt down and kill. They are very good flyers and like to roost very high up in trees so that they can glide down away from predators. They can teach other chickens how to fly very well.


Their eggs are medium sized and can be a cream like color. If you are lucky they will sometimes lay blue eggs. They are more likely to lay blue eggs if they have blue legs. But you must take their eggs out of there coup or you will get lots of chick. But even if you have no roosters you must take their egg or you hens may start to turn broody and attack you. The eggs are medium sized and can be a cream like color. The chicks are very cute. They look like the chicks below. The best way to take care of chicks is to separate the hen and chicks from the roosters. If the hens are attacking your chicks then you have two options. The first option is to release the hen and raise all the chicks as your own. The second option is to separate the chicks that are being picked on from the mom and watch the mom to make sure you took out all the chicks that are getting picked on.

I think that Cubalayas are very good chickens to have around. As this blog showed you they are multiple purpose, have a fun personality, and are independent birds. The only problem I have seen with them is when they turn broody and mean but that can be avoided easily. I really love Cubalayas. So if you want to get a chicken I recommend the Cubalayas.

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