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Captain Sodium by Tiffany Thompkins (Age: 11)

Captain Sodium by Tiffany Thompkins

Captain Sodium.

Scientists say he lives in our body’s blood stream. He’s a mineral that’s essential for life. Sodium helps with nerve and muscle function. He’s helpful here and there, but there are times were he can kill people. Sometimes to much can kill us by seizures, poisoning, and even death.

Captain Sodium is the sixth most abundant element on the Earth’s crust.

Captain Sodium has a high atomic number, which is at an 11. He’s also highly reactive to the halogen family which are his nemesis. He’s is in our bodies, he is in metal, who knew? People, especially doctors, use sodium NaCl (sodium chloride) in IVs, eye drops and even to clean wounds.

Captain Sodium is very useful. He brings flavor to some of our favorite food dishes! Captain Sodium can also help with everyday chores! He removes stains, he cleans pots and pans and even prevents ice from forming on the roads.

Captain Sodium. Possibly one of the most important elements for human kind! Captain Sodium helps our bodies function properly. He helps bring flavor to our food. He even helps out around the house. Captain Sodium one of the most amazing superheros ever in our time!

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