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Captain Colbalt by Dylan Murrell (Age: 15)

Captain Cobalt was born through a supernova and came to earth with other elements like copper, nickel, iron, and many more. His ship crash landed and was found by Swedish chemist, Georg Brandt, in 1739. Georg took Captain Cobalt into his home and taught him how to use his powers. He has a pretty high number on the periodic table with a 27 and a atomic mass of 58.933

The blue mineral loves to help humans and human cannot survive without him. He lives within every human in order to protect their enzymes from illness and disease. He produces vitamin B12 in all humans. Cobalt uses his power of gamma rays to help doctors detect some forms of cancer in the human body. He has battled many threats before, like the flu and measles, but he has ended up victorious against almost every illness known to man. Captain Cobalt does not have any nemesis so he travels the world protecting us from danger and disease.

Humans are thankful to Captain Cobalt. Cobalt turned all glass and ceramics blue that he touched and it astonished everyone. It has been used for art for centuries. Cobalt is even found in metal alloys to help build buildings. When a meteor hits the ground cobalt can even be found in the meteor. Since he is found in lots of things he is quite useful to humans.

Captain Cobalt was born in a supernova and came to Earth in 1735 when he was discovered. He loves to help human by detecting some cancers. He is found in your body in the form of vitamin B12, and he is a big part of art by being used as a blue dye. Cobalt is seen in everyday life. Captain Cobalt is very useful and we should be very glad to have him protecting us.

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