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Breaking News! Open graves, and strange happenings by Luke Malizzo Age: 16

Suspicions are high, here in Appleburrow, as we all wonder about the rumors of graves being dug up, and left empty. No one could be positive of this, until yesterday morning, when a local police officer was strolling past the downtown cemetery, and found two graves, both of which had piles of dirt next to them, and were completely empty. Investigators were baffled, as no one could even think of who, or what could have done this dastardly deed.

It’s almost inhumane to think someone has been digging up bodies and taking them. As if it wasn’t bad enough already, this morning two more graves were found completely empty, with no trace of footsteps, or any evidence left behind pointing to someone being there, except the dirt piles, and empty graves. The taking of the bodies wasn’t even the most ominous part of this week's adventure. The biggest questions are, why is someone taking deceased bodies, as opposed to live ones? And why isn't the thief covering up his tracks? Whoever this is has left four empty graves, and you'd think that common sense would be to cover up the evidence.

Police have blocked off all entryways to the cemetery. No one is to enter or leave the cemetery during the time of investigation. The thief has come and gone almost completely unnoticed twice. During an interview this morning, head of Police Charles Tingley was asked if this was going to continue, he responded, "These attacks won’t happen again, we have organized a watch team day and night. Anyone enters, or leaves the cemetery, we know about it."

Other ideas have surfaced, most of which are chilling to think about. One commoner has asked if the thief will turn on the citizens of Appleburrow, in which case most would be defenseless. Another question revolving around this morning is, where are the bodies going? No one can answer this for sure, but some say someone could be housing a carnivorous animal, and the only large enough food could be found in the cemetery. This doesn’t seem likely, as most houses in Appleburrow aren’t large enough for a bear, or lion, or something else, to be staying. Many have been to the local outdoorsman’s shop, to buy a firearm, although most are hoping they don’t have to use it in the near future.

One local, Harrold Morris said, "I need to be sure my family is safe, and if the police can’t keep someone out of a graveyard, I darned sure say my family isn’t safe either. I feel the need to purchase a gun as a last resort, if I end up encountering someone who wants to take my wife, or kids."

Many others think the same way, and are making sure to be back inside by nightfall, as is most safe. We ask you to do the same, making sure not to loiter, and staying off the streets at all costs, unless its is absolutely necessary to do so. And from all of us here in downtown Appleburrow, be careful, and stay safe.

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