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Dangerous Criminal On The Loose! By: Caroline Perez (Age: 12)

On July 2, 2018, a graveyard in Sweden experienced several cases of body snatching on its property.

Imagine that your loved one, whomever they may be, died.

Sad, right?

Now imagine, just as you are about to put your loved one to rest by burying them, a criminal rushes in and snatches several parts of the body of your loved one right before your eyes, with you being powerless to stop it? Unfortunately, this tragedy happened to several unsuspecting families in a graveyard in Sweden, in broad daylight.

You may ask, “How did this happen?”

Reporter Camilla Perez will fill you in on the case.

The camera cuts to a spooky looking graveyard, mist clinging in the air, and the atmosphere of the graveyard giving the illusion of secrets hiding in the shadows

Camilla: “Good, spooky morning folks, and welcome to Breaking News in Sweden, Earth. As you may have heard, several reports of body snatching were reported in this graveyard, at 8 AM, this Monday. Because this crime was committed with several eyewitnesses, the criminal is believed to be Dr. Victor Frankenstein himself. Here we have clairvoyant detective Equity Retribution and Pythoness/Necromancer Wicca Good-Witch (who is also the graveyard owner) give their opinions on the matter. We will start with Detective Equity Retribution. Who are you?”

Equity: “ Well, my name is Equity Retribution, and I am a detective who is currently working on this case. I have a condition of what some of you call multiple personality disorder, with one half the embodiment of Justice, and the other the embodiment of Vengeance. So please be cautious, and if you notice changes in my posture, eyes, voice."

Equity becomes Retribution as her irises bleed into red; her posture becomes threatening, and her voice changes

"And so forth, please notify me.”

Camilla: “Interesting condition! Anyways, what are the details of the case that you can confirm?”

Equity: “Well, according to my clairvoyance and the eyewitnesses (mostly made up of the graveyard’s ordinary residents of zombies and spirits, and the grieving families), Dr. Victor Frankenstein induced an illegal Time Stop, and during that Time Stop, Dr. Victor Frankenstein managed to smuggle over 20 bodies from the graveyard. When I went to his laboratory, he mysteriously disappeared. Not to mention, on some bodies he just hacked off the best ‘freshest’ parts of the body. One key detail I have noticed is that all of the bodies he stole were the newly dead. I was hoping to ask Wicca Good-Witch on her opinion of the matter.”

Camilla: “We are on a lead here aren’t we? So exciting! Well, lets first introduce the graveyard owner Wicca Good-Witch. Will you introduce yourself?”

Wicca: “Hello, my name is Wicca Good-Witch, and I am the graveyard owner, as well as a pythoness and a necromancer, and in my spare time, I like to reunite families with the dead, if only for a short time.”

Camilla: “Awesome! Now, can you tell us your opinions on the matter?”

Wicca: “ Well, apart from my initial disgust and shock at what happened in my graveyard, I was interested at the fact that all the bodies Dr. Victor Frankenstein snatched were fresh and newly dead. In most instances of necromancy, the older and more decomposed the body is, the harder it will be to bring the body back to life. So, it is most likely that Dr. Victor Frankenstein is trying to perform some form of the secret art of necromancy, and knowing Victor, he will use an illegal technique, such as tearing out the life force of another human being and stuffing that essence into the body. Also, performing a resurrection without the guidance of a witch or a degree and license is already illegal.”

The camera snaps back to Equity jotting down as much notes as she can fit into her notebook

Camilla: “Err… Equity?”

Equity realizes she is still on camera and quickly puts away her notepad and pen

Equity: “Oh my spirits! Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything!”

Camilla: “Don’t worry! It just means that you are involved in this case! Now, what are you planning to do once you catch Dr. Victor Frankenstein?”

Equity: “Well if Dr. Victor Frankenstein repents, he will be brought to justice, and the bodies returned to the poor families.”

Camilla: “And if he doesn’t?”

Retribution:Well, if that is the case, I have always wanted to figure out the affects of KARMIC RETRIBUTION on a soul…

Camilla: “Err, Equity? Your Retribution is showing.”

Equity blinks out of Retribution

Equity: “Spirits, I am so sorry!”

Equity notices the time on her watch

Equity: “I am so sorry! I have to go! Bye!”

Equity and Retribution both hurry away to discuss her findings to her colleagues

Wicca: “I also will now have to hurry toward my appointment to the daily SMVWZ+ (Spirits, Monsters, Vampires, Witches, Zombies, and More) rights committee on the matter of “Monster Slayer” games. The Zombies seem especially puffed up on the concept of ‘Zombie Killing Games’. Good Day!”

Wicca Good-witch herself turns to the darkest part of the graveyard, steps into the shadows, and disappears

Camilla: “And that’s it for today folks! Camilla Perez, Out!”

~Special message~

If you or a loved one has seen the infamous Dr. Victor Frankenstein, please call the national hotline:


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